Fediverse connect

Share your forms in the Fediverse!

Fediverse connect

The Fediverse is a distributed social media network of federated, independent and interconnected servers. See Fediverse Party

Sharing your forms in the Fediverse means that you can publish a post with the link to your form, from LiberaForms to the Fediverse. But the form cannot be answered from the Fediverse itself as a poll.


Connection name

The connection name is just some text that will help you remember which of your Fediverse accounts are you connected to.

Fediverse node

To configure this "Fedi connect" feature be sure you already logged in the account of the Fediverse you want to publish the form.

Enter the URL of your Fediverse node. Note that https:// must be prepended.

Access token

The Access token is a way to allow LiberaForms to publish forms in your name, on your node.

Click the Generate button to create an access token and you will be directed to a page on your node asking you to confirm.

The node name and the Access token are both encrypted and stored in LiberaForm's database.