User roles

Anonymous user

Anyone who visits a public LiberaForm on the Internet.


A Guest can be granted access to read a form's answers. A Guest cannot create or edit forms.


This is default role for a registered user. An Editor can:

Read the Editor guide


An Author is the user who first creates any given form.

  • Author and Editor persmissions are the same.
  • When a user is disabled by an Admin, all authored forms are also disabled and are not publically available.
  • When a user account is deleted, all authored forms (and their associated Answers) are also deleted.


Admins are Editors but can also:

  • Manage users and forms
  • Change site configuration
  • SMTP config

Admins cannot read the answers to other Editor's forms.

Read the Admin guide

Super admin

A Super admin is an Admin, but can also change the Author of a form.