Personal Settings

This is your personal configuration page as Admin.

Admin settings info

Account information

Modify basic information as email address, password, language and time zone.

Email notifications

Choose True to receive a notification on each new answer to a form. Unenable mail notification by clicking False.

File uploads

  • Disk usage
    Informs about the percentage of the total usage allowed.

  • Form attachments
    Usage for text files.

  • Form media
    Usage for image files.

  • Add and delete form media
    Editbutton allows to add new media or delete media that you previously uploaded to a form.

Admin settings other


The feature Fediverse connect publish forms on the Fediverse.
See Fediverse connect

My admin settings

Set true or false this options to get email notifications when new user has registered and when new form has been created.

Delete my account

This button allows you to completely delete you account.

Contact information

Information made available by Admins from panel configuration.
See Config