Personal Settings

This is your personal configuration page as Editor.

Here you can modify your email address, password, language and time zone.

Editor settings


Ensure that displayed dates and times correspond to your geographical location.
See Timezone

Email notifications

You can configure each form individually to send you an email every time it is answered.

Define the default configuration here the new forms you create.

File uploads

  • Disk usage
    The total disk space you are using and your maximum disk quota

  • Form attachments
    The total disk space used by form attachments you have solicited

  • Form media
    The total disk space used by the media you have uploaded

  • Add and delete form media
    Edit button allows you to manage your media
    See Media


The feature Fediverse connect publish forms on the Fediverse.
See Fediverse connect

Delete my account

This button allows you to delete you account. All your forms, the answers to those forms, solicited form attachments and uploaded media will be deleted.

Contact information

Information made available by the site's Admins.