User details

Information about the user, statistics about the forms that has created and a list of its forms.

User details

  • Username
    Name of this user.

  • Role
    Shows if this user is Guest, Editor or Admin.
    See roles

  • Email
    Email address of this user.

  • Created
    Year, month and day when the form was created.

  • Validated email
    This user has validated its email address.

  • Uploads enabled
    If the user can upload images it has Attachments enabled True.

  • Uploads limit
    Set a maximum of megabytes per user related to uploads.

  • Blocked by admin
    If this user is blocked by an Admin this option is marked True.

  • Delete user and authored forms
    As Admin you can delete a user and the forms that has created.


Information about this user's forms.

User forms

  • Name
    Name of the form. Click on the name of the form to view and edit settings.
    See Form management

  • Answers
    Number of answers received by the form.

  • Last answer
    Date and hour of the last answer of this form.

  • Author
    True if the user is the author of this form.

  • Users
    Number of Users with access to this form.

  • Public
    True if the form is publicly accessible.

  • Created
    Year, month and day when the form was created.