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All the forms on the server are listed on the page. Use filters to find and order forms.

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Table columns

  • Name
    Name of the form. Click on the name of the form to view the form's details.
    As and Admin you can view but cannot edit the form's settings.
    See Form management

  • Created
    Year, month and day when the form was created.

  • Answers
    Number of answers received on the form.

  • Last answer
    Date and hour of the last answer of this form.

  • Author
    Name of the author of the form. Click on the name of the author to view user details and statistics.
    See User details

  • Users
    Number of Users with access to a particular form.

  • Public
    Informs if the form is publicly accessible.

Site Statistics

This button gives you information about all the forms created in this instance.

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