Site settings

Define some settings for this particular LiberaForms instance.

Site settings

Invitation only

Set to True if you want to allow registrations only if an invitation is recevied. Setting this option to False means that anyone having an email account can register to this instance.

Consent texts

Allows to Edit consent text for data protection and site terms.

Consent text

Site terms

New users must agree to these terms and conditions. For example: This is a test site. Sooner or later your data will be lost.

  • Edit
    This button allows you to modify the text.

  • Add to New user form
    This button adds this text to every form that a user creates.

Form consent

Shared texts can be used by other users in their forms as templates.
See Templates

Data protection

Edit a text to acomplish European General Data Protection Regulation. If you wish, share this text so others can adapt it to their needs.

Attachment types

Edit the type of files that you want allow for this instance. For example: pdf, png or odt.